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“Using all the ultrasound, electric stimulation and icing was a waste of my time.  If I would have had an opportunity to go to him [Dr. Castro] early in my career, I would [have] prevented a lot of groin pulls, hamstring pulls and hip flexors.  I could have definitely played longer and I could have prevented some injuries, but I see the benefits to the kids that I train [who he refers to Dr. Castro] ... They’re always talking very positive about him.” 

--Tom Lips, former professional soccer player



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“I was not only impressed with the effectiveness of A.R.T., but also with the rapid results.  I highly recommend this therapy to all elite athletes.  If I received this treatment years ago, I might still be competing.” 

--Dorian Yates, six-time Mr. Olympia


“After I was diagnosed with herniated disks, I tried every treatment imaginable – from painful injections to ineffective physical therapy.  The treatments I now receive from Dr. Castro enable me to manage the pain without surgery.”

  -- J. Caruso, computer operator


“I believe A.R.T. is the most comprehensive treatment for almost any injury: whether it be a knee, rotator cuff, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or neck and back pain, I recommend A.R.T. for one reason only – because it works.” 

-- R. Casola, orthopedic surgeon


“I went from not being able to run at all to finishing the IRONMAN Florida. I have met with a lot of PT’s, and athletic therapists, and Durlan Castro is far and away the best.  I travel from New York City to see him in Suffolk County, and it’s worth every minute and every penny. He’s the only person I’ve dealt with that got fast results on some of the long term injuries I had. I recommend Dr. Castro with enthusiasm and without reservation.” 

-- Mike Ferranti, Ironman Triathlete


“Durlan Castro always does an amazing job on my back, but yesterday was incredible!!!! I've never felt my back so pumped & full!! This morning I went to hit a couple of back shots and my back has never opened up so much!! Never!!! Especially my left lat from the front in a front double bicep & front lat spread. It was fully open from top to bottom. This is the first time ever my lats have opened up so much from the bottom of the lat & was even with the right lat!!! Never in 14 years has my left lat been equal with the right lat in my front shots until this morning!!!!! I'm still in shock!!!! My back looks night and day!! Also my chest is full as #@*&!!!! My upper chest ties in with my front delts & looks crazy!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!”

---Kevin English, professional bodybuilder, Mr. Olympia 202 Champion



“Dr Castro has been helping me with my injuries as a fighter.  I believe in him and his A.R.T.  It was with his help at 40, I became the P.K.F. New York State Supermiddleweight Muay Thai Champ...thanx again Dr Castro.”

--Marky Tramontana

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